10 Best MMA & BJJ Rash Guards to Buy in 2020 [Men & Women]


So, you have to participate in a BJJ combat, right?

You step onto the combat carpet, your opponent enters the field of play, take a bow to the mat, and then the game begins.

Then, you try to use pull guard, scissor guard, or even a full mount to knock out the rival, but—in spite of blocking all opponent’s moves—you get knocked out.

Why do you think that happened regardless of you immobilizing your competitor’s strikes in the game?

Well, the reason why it happened is that your opponent is wearing a BJJ rash guard, but you are NOT.

Best MMA & BJJ Rash Guards

Despite that fact that BJJ headgears are the game-changer, if you don’t want the challenger to get the upper hands over you, you don’t want to miss out on these best BJJ rash guards because, if you do miss out, you’re most likely to suffer from rashes (caused by abrasion) and they could also become the cause of the itch, blisters, or patches.

Just like helmets are mandatory while riding a bike or motorbike, especially when you drive at the speed of light, having one of the best BJJ gears or MMA gears (if that’s you’re most fascinated about) is an essential key to being safe, among other must-haves. 

List of Best BJJ Rash Guards

Up to now we’ve only understood why having a BJJ rash guard, just like other BJJ gears, is obligatory, but the main issue has still not been resolved. Yes, we’re talking about a complete list of the rash guards for BJJ to defeat your challenger in a one go.

We get it—competition is stiff, and spotting one of the best BJJ rash guards is no piece of cake—not at least for the beginners. That’s why we have brought together a list of top-rated and most-used BJJ rash guards by the athletes and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu participants so you could be at ease and increase the odds of winning in a BJJ combat to a higher extent.

Now, let’s have a detailed analysis of the best No-gi BJJ rash guard to make a knowledgeable decision in the end.

1. Sanabul Full-Sleeve Rash Guard for MMA & BJJ (Review)

Sanabul Full-Sleeve Rash Guard for MMA & BJJ

This no-gi, full-sleeve rash guard from Sanabul is a real beast. It will fit your body perfectly. In fact, Sanabul rash guards are used by top players in the UFC.

It uses a revolutionary underarm mesh panel that helps in drying out the sweat or wetness that you get while you’re in a BJJ combat. Whether you’re participating in real combat or you’re getting into a cross-training, this BJJ rash guard will have your back in all areas.

What we found fascinating about this MMA rash guard is that it can also be used as an MMA rash guard, and not just that, practicians can also use it in grappling, wrestling, swimming, running, or even during surfing. Having said, you don’t have to pay for different suites to meet your needs in the first, just come up with the money for this MMA rash guard and you’re good to go.

This bad boy has been tested by the professionals to provide you with how it performs in different weather conditions. Surprisingly, it got an A in every bench test conducted by the experts. So, there’s no more suffering from the body heat-ups while you’re busy playing one of your favorite wrestling games. Not only is it breathable but also it dries very quickly, which also helps in escaping away from the sweat that you get when indulging in the gaming activity for hours.

To get a perfect-fit suit for your body size, make sure you’ve selected the right size. For more details, you could refer to the sizing chart available on Amazon. 

2. Hawk Sports No-Gi Full-Sleeve Rash Guard (Review)

Hawk Sports No-Gi Full-Sleeve Rash Guard

Looking for an MMA rash guard that not only can be used for different purposes but also offers user-friendliness as far as machine washing is considered?

Guess what! This no-gi BJJ rash guard—which has been produced by Hawk Sports—is machine washable and can be made use of for Jiu-Jitsu and other activities. Whether you’re breaking sweating in the gym, having a good time on your bicycle, playing baseball, doing yoga, or busy in an MMA training, this multipurpose BJJ rash guard will offer you peace of mind.

The problem with cheap MMA rash guard is that their cloth or material tends to wear out only after a couple of uses. However, you won’t have to struggle through that since it is overlock-stitched, which means you can rest assured that no thread or cloth material will fall apart. Furthermore, it is anti-microbial which also reduces the possibility of moisture.

Put it into a washing machine or use your bare hands to take care of the cleaning, you’ve it all under control. Plus, it has been designed with a material that protects you from ultraviolet rays since it gets UPF 50+ rating in that area. Unlike other BJJ rash guards that can be a bane of your existence as they don’t offer the freedom of movement, this one brings 360° mobility freedom. So, it’s a lifesaver for those who want to get into the BJJ training and go to the gym on a regular basis.

The micro-mesh stretch panels let your body breathe, allowing you to fully focus on the training or combat. And, a lifetime warranty is what makes is one of the best MMA & BJJ rash guards available in 2020. 

3. Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Rash Guard (Review)

Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Rash Guard

Although full-sleeve MMA rash guard could be go-to athlete shirt for most of the wrestlers or MMA or BJJ fighters, others may find short-sleeve rash guard more satisfactory. But don’t worry you will get the top-notch rash guard as it comes from Sanabul, a leading brand of champions.

This rash guard can be used for both BBJ and MMA and it is a lot similar to the one we reviewed on the top of this list. It’s an ultimate choice for No-gi Jiu-Jitsu players. It also features anti-odor fabric treatment which makes sure that you always get a fresh smell. As a result, it turns out to be a breathable rash guard that will serve you to the fullest.

The style is uncluttered and meets your purpose in the first place as you could wear it when you’re trying to knock down your challenger in an MMA combat, during swimming, or when you are running or surfing. Furthermore, it helps you tackle the exercise challenge because it is capable of drying the moisture very quickly.

If you’re concerned about ventilation, rest assured as it uses gradual compression and mesh underarms which guarantees you that it will dry out with the lightning speed. Plus, it has been reviewed and checked by the experts and one of them is a legendary coach John Danaher. On top of it, it is IBJJF legal which will give you self-assurance.

No matter whether your desire is to get an X-small, small, medial, X-large, or XX-large rush guard, you can go with any size type you want by doing a section on the Amazon’s site. What’s more, it has been listed as “True to size” which depicts that most of the verified customers have found it to be the best fit. 

4. TSLA Long-Sleeve BJJ Rash Guard (Review)

TSLA Long-Sleeve BJJ Rash Guard

Are you longing for a full-sleeve compression T-shirt that can be worn while exercising and while sparring with the teammates?

This TSLA’s BJJ rash guard will give you the opportunity to make great moves to make the competitor stay down for the count. The good news is that it’s available in 32 different styles which offer you versatility. Experience a cooling effect while combating an opponent in a BJJ game.

On top of it, it’s been designed to rock every season—wear it in winter or summer, it won’t be having a pain in the neck whatsoever. Get the motion you deserve while playing your much-loved sport, thanks to the mixture of polyester and spandex used in the material. This also helps in achieving great freedom of movement, courtesy of excellent elastic.

Getting bruises during a BJJ combat is normal, but it could do more hard to your body if you’re not getting protection. Luckily, you can completely get rid of the bruises or other bruises by investing in this TSLA rash guard that uses non-abrasion fabric. It also increases the longevity of the suit. Since this suit makes use of “2-way air circulation”, you won’t have to go through the moisture anymore. The air ventilation is up to the mark and it is equipped with the “Hyper quick-dry” which helps the suit very quickly. Moreover, it is able to block up to 98% of UV radiation (UPF50+).

5. LAFROI Long Sleeve Rash Guard (Review)

LAFROI Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Fabric is excellent, the material is top-notch, and the design is amazing. Use it for BJJ combats or put it on when you’re practicing MMA. Not just that, you can use it for outdoor sports, surfing, water sports, during workouts, or use it as fight wear. Not only does it dry out with a lightning speed but also it is very lightweight, allowing you to put no stress on your body.

Whether or not you’re an athlete, if you wear it for other activities, it will boost your confidence and give you the strength to do what you love—surfing, swimming, or workout. It’s so comfortable that you won’t even be able to make any difference, and you will feel like you’re wearing a normal full-sleeve T-shirt.

If being a surfer UV troubles you, rest assured because it will provide you with the protection from UV whenever you decide to go surfing (it’s UPF 50+). It’s been tested with the data provided by the BJJ and MMA athletes, which means you will get to see an improved performance here. Speaking of the material—as it matters most, it is using 20% spandex and 80% nylon which is a great combination to offer you freedom of motion.

The size chart prepared by LAFROI is incomparable, allowing you to properly match as per your body or chest size. That’s why more than 79% of verified buyers are happy with the fitting and their service. You can choose size from small to XXX larger depending on your body type, size, height, weight, etc. This suit is capable of absorbing moisture in next to no time, offering you a never-had-before experience while you’re trying to knock your opponent down in a BJJ combat. 

6. Anthem Athletics HELO-X BJJ, MMA Rash Guard (Review)

Anthem Athletics HELO-X BJJ, MMA Rash Guard

Kickstart your day with this moisture-wicking rash guard that is a perfect choice for you to wear in an MMA or BJJ battle. You can take our word for it—you won’t have to struggle through taking your challenger (player) down with your amazing and unique strikes in the game.

Additionally, it offers high density and uses flat-lock stitching that helps you get rid of the threads or cloth coming out after using the rash guard a couple of times. There’s no-nonsense artwork whatsoever, giving you the freedom to stay attentive to every move that your antagonist makes in a BJJ or MMA fight.

Unlike other rash guards whose logo or print material tends to wear out as you cash the suit in a washing machine or using other ways, the logo that this rash guard has on the front and backside will not fade away, peel, or crack. However, we don’t recommend pressing this compression suit directly using the iron, but there’s nothing wrong with pressing it by putting some fabric on it.

Except for the fact that style, fit, and sizing has been nailed, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee which should give you peace of mind. It’s high-performance athlete apparel that can be worn whilst playing Krav Maga, Pankration, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ, MMA, and other WOD training.

All of the products—whether you’re purchasing a headgear or a rash guard from Anthem Athletics—are tested with an intention to provide customers full satisfaction they crave for. That’s why there’s no chance that the suit will your body like no other suit. Plus, it gets a 4.5 rating out of 5 which is as good as it could it. 

7. Under Armour BJJ & MMA Rash Guard for Men (Review)

Under Armour BJJ & MMA Rash Guard for Men

On the lookout for the best MMA & BJJ rash guards to buy in 2020? Pay attention to this one that is equipped with 16% spandex (Elastane) and 84% polyester which would offer you unmatched motion or movement at the time of playing BJJ or MMA or other wrestling combat. Not just that, it is machine wash and boasts HeadGear fabric that will allow the moisture to escape away in just a matter of seconds—plus, it will protect you from UV.

If even you wear it all day, there’ll be no side effects on your body—rest assured because nothing is going to happen to your chest or back of any kind. Get the most out of strategic ventilation all the way through the stretch-mesh underarm panel.

Do you love surfing or like to go to one of your favorite beaches? If that’s what you’re in love with, you can take this rash guard with you to that beautiful destination and forget about the harmful rays of the Sun. That’s because its UPF 30 will offer your unparalleled protection from the Sun’s rays.

If you’re looking forward to knocking your competitor out in a BJJ or MMA combat, chances are you will be using different techniques like pull guard, full mount, or scissor guard to immobilize which is only possible if the rash guard you’re wearing offers you better moves. Thankfully, this Under Armour BJJ rash guard brings 4-way stretch construction to life, letting you achieve the exact same thing. It will dry the moisture and sweat so fast that you won’t even feel anything when it would happen.

The fabric used here is out of this world and perhaps—material quality is beyond explanation, that’s why athletes have given this one a 4.6 rating out of 5. But don’t just take our word for it—see yourself how it has superseded the counterparts.

8. Gold BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Rashguard for Gi and No-Gi MMA 

Gold BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Rashguard for Gi and No-Gi MMA

Whether you’ve chosen a Gi style or you prefer the No-gi style for an MMA contest, this Gold BJJ Rashguard will have your back like no other compression T-shirt; that’s because you can choose both full-sleeve or half-sleeve rash guard to wear in an MMA or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fight. No more going through the stress on your shoulder or chest, thanks to the lightweight approach.

Besides the fact it is very lightweight, it’s breathable to a greater extent so there will be no problem getting rid of the sweat or moisture that you’re likely to have while combating your challenger in the game or practice session. The flat-lock has been stitched for a smoother experience so that you could feel like an invisible man when you set your foot on the combat mat. It’s time for you to feel buttery smooth stitching.

The underarm vents is what we found the best thing about this rash guard, plus, it gets 4.7 stars out 5 which has got to mean something. The print will never break, nor will the color ever peel, chip, or bleed ever. It’s been designed in San Diego and offers a 1-year guarantee that will give you levelheadedness towards the decision you make. The longer cut will allow you to roll up, making sure that your rash guard doesn’t ride up at the same time.

Speaking of the size, it is available for all persons—from kids, teens to grown-ups (adults). Go with either X-small, small, or select XX-large from the drop-down size menu. Moreover, go for a long-sleeved rash guard or pick out a sleeveless T-ship and kickstart your BJJ or MMA fight like a pro. 

9. Elite Sports BJJ MMA No-Gi Rash Guard (Review)

Elite Sports BJJ MMA No-Gi Rash Guard

Designed in California, this BJJ No-gi rash guard is available in 6 different colors. It uses buttery flat-lock stitching which gives your body extra strengths and carefree movement when you’re making your moves in the game. Plus, you can unlock the official app of Elite Sports by entering the order number that you get after purchasing the product from Amazon. This will allows you to enjoy the great features of the app.

Just like the Under Armour, it also uses 4-way stretch sweat-wicking fabric that will help you take care of the unnecessary moisture or sweat whilst trying to knock your enemy down or while breaking a sweat in the gym as this rash guard can be used in different scenarios and weather conditions.

Its one-of-its-kind anti-slip bands also let you dispense with the ride-ups when you move up or either side—right or left; no matter which moves you make (irrespective of the direction), the rash guard will always stay in place offering you the ease of movement. As far as the quality and durability are concerned, it is up to the mark, and it is known to be one of the low-budget or reasonably-priced rash guards as it offers the bang for your bucks. 

10. Hayabusa BJJ & MMA Rash Guard (Review)

Hayabusa BJJ & MMA Rash Guard

Depending on Gi or No-gi BJJ combat, whether you choose a short-sleeved or full-sleeved rash guard, you will be amazed to experience the geometric design of this Hayabusa rash guard which is as good as one from Under Armour we reviewed above. When it comes to comfort and safety, you’re going to feel super-fast after wearing it on a BJJ combat and you can rest assured because you will not get any bruises whatsoever on your body.

This MMA rash guard from Hayabusa has been built with a stretchable fabric that will give you freedom of movement in all the directions. Shielding your skin has never been easier, get an extra layer of security/safety while rolling your body any way you like. So, no more mat burns, scratches, or damages on the body at all. Comfort is what matters most when you’re trying to knock down your foe in the BJJ battle, and luckily, this rash guard will keep you satisfied as it offers unrestricted movement.

No matter whether you dress this rash guard in a Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ (Gi or No-gi), MMA, Cross Training, or Kickboxing, you’re good to go. Insofar the cleaning matters, you can machine wash it, however, you can’t iron or dry clean it. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about pressing as there’ll be no wrinkles. You’re also suggested not bleach it as doing so could damage the fabric of the rash guard.

To check your fitting size, take a look at the size chart, and be at ease. Just like other top brands, it uses 16% Elastane and 84% polyester—a perfect combination to give you the elasticity you need. Plus, you will be getting unsurpassed durability, courtesy of reinforced stitching. While keeping the perfect temperature for your body, it also lets every single muscle of your body works like a charm. 

Tips to Pick Out a Perfect Rash Guard

While every brand has its unique styling techniques, there’re certain things you don’t want to compromise on.

Those little considerations are what we are going to talk about in this segment so you could effortlessly make a well-versed decision in the end.



First things first — does the rash guard you’re about to invest in have top-notch, breathable, and long-lasting fabric? While cheap doesn’t always mean bad, quality is what comes first which is hard to get by in cheap picks. If you’re looking for the best BJJ Rash Guards under $30 or $50, you can choose any pick that we have reviewed above. We suggest you spend no more than $100 when looking for the best BJJ or MMA rash guard because even the top brands are selling their compression T-shirts under $50.


Fabric & Design

Of course, the quality of the fabric used in the rash guard should be up to the mark. The design mustn’t trigger a bad sign for you to postpone your decision to buy a BJJ rash guard. Most of the rash guards use around 20% Elastane a.k.a. spandex and 80% polyester which allows your body to move freely. This turns out to be really helpful when you’re trying to knock your opponent in a BJJ or MMA combat.

The rule of thumb, therefore, says that you should pick out a rash guard that uses a combination of Spandex and Polyester in the material. Another thing to be aware of is that your rash guard should be able to protect you from the harmful rays of the Sun if you’re allergic to that.



Will the BJJ rash guard you’re planning on buying fit your body perfectly?

Well, the size chart is what will offer the peace of mind in that area. Plus, you could go through the “Trust meter” available on the meter that will let you decide if a particular rash guard will be a better fit or not.

Depending upon the personal needs, you could see differences in BJJ Gi and No-gi. If you’re not sure of your height or waist size, you can have someone take the measurements at home and then take a glimpse at the size chart to get a clearer picture.


Rash Guard Type

While reading the reviews of various rash guards above, you would have noticed that some of them are full-sleeved and others are half-sleeved.

What’s the difference?

Well, in a No-gi BJJ, athletes prefer using half-sleeved compression T-shirts, but it’s a personal choice as we’ve also seen some No-gi BJJ fighters using half-sleeved rash guards.

If you’re practicing in hot temperature or in an area where humidity is too high, you’re suggested go for a half-sleeved BJJ rash guard.


Comfort & Durability

How long your rash guard will last also plays a significant role because you don’t want to invest in a compression T-shirt that only lasts a month or two, do you?

That’s why durability also matters. And, since you’ll be using your rash guard for different sports activities, it’s important to figure out it’s capable of handling all of the movement, no matter how quickly you make a move in an MMA battle.

The stitching quality, therefore, changes the game completely. The fabric should be breathable or your body will be all sweaty. Speaking of sweat, you should be looking for a rash guard that is equipped with moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties.


There you have it—a detailed buyer and review guide on 10 Best MMA & BJJ rash guards that are worth giving a shot in this day and age. What these rash guards are capable of doing is truly astounding and the good news is that you can use them for different purposes: Jiu-Jitsu, swimming, surfing, wrestling, etc. If you wanted to pay for a rash guard that is available under $50 or $30, you should be able to cherry-pick with the help of the list we have furnished above. If you still have any suggestions or questions in mind, feel free to get the word out!

Get One Before It's Too Late!

If you don't want your opponent to put you down for the count in the first move, you'd get your hands on one of these Best MMA & BJJ rash guards in the blink of an eye. And, since everyone's trying to get one of these, we'd strongly suggest you make it quick, or else you may run out of this opportunity—who knows, perhaps these rash guards may be out of stock sooner or later?