10 Best Focus Mitts for Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA in 2020 [Reviewed]


Looking forward to achieving more dynamic workouts during this hard time, putting your extra efforts in Muay Thai, Boxing, or MMA training sessions?

We know that punching the focus mitts alone aren’t taxing, the person who holds the boxing mitts may also have to struggle through a lot while getting started. A couple of combinations need to be followed by the athlete wearing boxing gloves. For instance, if the person who wears focus mitts shouts out lout “Three”, it indicates that the boxer needs to perform a jab right on time.

Whether you’re having small hands or big ones, the punching mitts that we’re about to shed light on in this wide-ranging article will give you a clearer picture of which focus mitt you should decide on in the end.


Pro Impact Curved Focus/Boxing Mitts

Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts

5.0 |


Our Rating

  • Durable Leather
  • Padded Construction
  • Versatile & Portable
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Lasts for Years

Editor's Choice

Ringside Heritage Panther Punch/Focus Mitt

Ringside Heritage Panther Genuine Leather Punch/Focus Mitt (Review)

5.0 |


Our Rating

  • Extra Protection
  • Genuine Leather
  • Customized Fit
  • Foam padded
  • Shock Absorption
  • Very Sturdy


Venum Cellular 2.0 Punch/Boxing Mitts 

Venum Cellular 2.0 Punch Mitts (Review)

4.6 |


Our Rating

  • Lightweight
  • Curved Anatomical Fit
  • Comfortable
  • Handmade
  • Offers Precision
  • Unmatched Stabilty

Why use Focus Mitts for Boxing?

While focus mitts and Muay Thai pads might sound similar to you, there are differences between the two. The focus mitts tend to be smaller in size and yet they deliver ultimate protection to both parties when worn and utilized in a recommended way. Mostly, the focus mitts are used by athletes in many different combats. They are also used in training boxers who’re stepping into the world of boxing or battling.

Speaking of the “Why Focus Mitts”, the answer could be broken down to the following:


A focus mitt allows you to unload your heaviest punch with no risk of damaging your training partner.


The focus mitts are helpful in warming body up so that you could be ready for trail combat.


If you’re a huge fan of cardio, you could make use of focus mitts in that area, as well.


These boxing mitts allow you to take your moves to techniques that you use in the MMA or Boxing to the next level with an intention to defeat your opponent.


Dan Inosanto—training partner of Bruce Lee—says that “Focus Mitts” is a great arsenal if you’re training someone for JKD a.k.a. Jeet Kune Do.

So, now you can see how important the Focus Mitts are in Boxing and other exercises. But this is not the end of the list; there lie other reasons why one should go for strong and comfortable focus mitts to train an athlete or boxer for real combat.

So, now you see that there are many reasons why one should consider getting a pair of boxing mitts for MMA or other combats, it’s time for you to pay heed to the list what we’ve curated for you so that you could cherry-pick the best possible option.

List of 10 Best Focus Mitts (2020)

Hunting for a one-of-a-kind focus mitt is not a child’s play, it demands the understanding of nuts and bolts which, as a beginner, you may not have. Plus, the market is flooded with thousands of brands that make the job even harder for you.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about anything because, having spent days, we’ve got your back.

In this across-the-board article, we have reviewed some of the best focus mitts that will help you achieve everything that we’ve mentioned earlier in the “Why” segment. We determined the quality of the boxing mitts and the pricing model as well so that you don’t have to break the bank.

Without further ado, let’s shed light on the top focus mitts that can be made use of for boxing, MMA, and other combats:

1. Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts (Review)

Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts

5.0 |


Our Rating

Being confident is a key to increasing the odds of winning in an MMA combat, and we take it for granted. This pair of boxing mitts will help you achieve the exact same thing.

The reason why this pair of punching mitts ranks at the 1st position is that it offers unmatched durability to life. What sets “Pro Impact” apart from the rest of the brands is that the comfort and longevity that it brings to the table is just incomparable.

The premium-loos could not get any better; it far better than its competition and easily gets the upper hands over them. If you’re training someone and need that person to punch right in the center of the mitt, you can rest assured because there’s a white/black dot that is a lifesaver when it comes to guiding with more accuracy.

Are these boxing mitts as effective as the company promises them to be? Of course, and you can take our word for it. We believe that you will fall in love with the scratch-resistance and shock-absorbance of these mitts after wearing them in the first MMA combat.

Although this pair also can be purchased with PU leather, we strongly recommend that you should consider the “Genuine” leather option because that’s going to last for years. So, no matter how vigorous your workouts are, this real bad boy is going to endure every single punch that is delivered by the boxer.

Visit Pro Impact’s Store

2. Ringside Heritage Panther Genuine Leather Punch/Focus Mitt (Review)

Ringside Heritage Panther Genuine Leather Punch/Focus Mitt (Review)

5.0 |


Our Rating

Whether you’re an MMA fan, you’re going to fall head over heels in love with this pair of punch mitts.

It can be taken for granted as “Best in boxing”, just like the Ringside says. The overall weight of these punching mitts is 15oz. which depicts that they won’t be putting too much burden on your hands when you wear them.

As for the thickness, it boasts a 1.3mm AA premium drum-dyed leather which is one-of-a-kind, 100% genuine. As far as the foam combination is taken into account, it is equipped with a full 2 ½-inch foam which will add an extra layer to the protection and keep your hands and knuckles safe every time you use the mitts.

Unlike other mitts, these contemporary mitts will offer you the customized fit, along with the support of straps with D-rings. The quality of these boxing pads is up to the mark—hands down! The pads are super easy to hold or wear and permanency has been taken to the next level.

Although these punching mitts are packed with everything you need to get started with your boxing, such as sturdy and long-lasting material, great looks, etc., you cannot overlook the pricing model which demonstrates these they are a little expensive. Still, they’re worth it.

Neither too big nor too small, mitts offer a one-size-fits-all approach that’s what people are most fascinated about.

You’re going to see high-quality perfection!

3. Fairtex Boxing Focus Mitts (Review)

Fairtex Boxing Focus Mitts (Review)

5.0 |


Our Rating

Are you longing for the best boxing focus mitts that boast genuine leather construction?

If your aim is to hunt for a pair of shock-absorbing and lightweight boxing mitts, look no further — this one from Fairtex is the ultimate option because it is equipped with a strong layer that is capable of enduring ever the fiercest punches offered by the boxer you’re helping.

This pair of boxing gloves are handmade in Thailand and offers satisfaction in terms of comfort, durability, reasonability—ultimate peace of mind.

The grip is a must if you want to receive better punches from the boxer who you’re combatting with. Use these boxing mitts at the home, gym, or anywhere you love most, no biggie at all.

Since it is available in 5 different colors, it also brings versatility to the table for athletes. In spite of the leather construction, the focus mitts are very lightweight which will not put an extra burden on the hands of the person who is helping you with training.

Whether you’d like to use these mitts for MMA or other boxing combats, you’re good to go.

These focus mitts get 4.8 out of 5 ratings, which is as good as it could get because getting this great rating out of 5 is not a piece of cake with the competition in mind.

That’s why we don’t see any reason why you should not consider getting your hands on these boxing mitts.

4. Hayabusa PTS 3 Focus Mitts - Black, Standard (Review)

Hayabusa PTS 3 Focus Mitts - Black, Standard (Review)

4.7 |


Our Rating

On the lookout for a pair of heavy focus mitts that is capable of withstanding the powerful punches and offers breathable mesh?

We’re sure for a short span of time, but if you continuously train your partner the boxing techniques using punch mitts, you’ve got to ensure that your hands don’t get sweaty. So, if the sweat is what gives you a shock, you no longer have to worry about that because these mitts will allow the airflow.

Is the adjustability of size what concerns you?

You’re in luck—the PTS 3 houses an adjustable strap which makes this pair a comfortable fit for people of different ages.

The 3-layered foam ensures that no matter how fiercest punch is delivered from the boxer’s side. If the hits are not aimed at the right point, the boxer is likely to miss the shot, but luckily, that won’t happen in this case because the design of these mitts has been inspired by teardrop shape for ultimate protection.

If you’re just getting started in a world of martial arts, MMA, or regular boxing, these pads are a perfect choice for all athletes to make the most out of speed training drills.

Getting 4.9 out of 5 ratings, these mitts should catch your eye for sure. If they don’t, take a look at the pricing model and you will see the difference yourself i.e. how reasonably priced they are.

Still not goggled-eyed?

See what other users are saying about these mitts and then make an informed decision.

Not interested in the standard model?

Go for a Micro Model now!

5. Venum Cellular 2.0 Punch Mitts (Review)

Venum Cellular 2.0 Punch Mitts (Review)

4.6 |


Our Rating

This Cellular from Venum brings the bang for your bucks to the table and if you’re tight on budget, you may want to consider this option. Apart from the fact it is made in Thailand, you cannot underestimate that it is very lightweight which leaves no extra burden on your hands, offering you an opportunity to knock out your antagonist like a pro athlete.

To bring a next-level fit and comfort to life, a one-of-its-kind mesh cover has been featured in this pair of punch mitts which should give you peace of mind if you’re concerned about the coziness. It’s not boxer alone whose hands need to stay safe while the training begins, it’s also about you (the trainer) whose hands need to be safer than the person hitting the punch mitts, and that’s exactly what you’re going to get in this set of focus mitts.

These are sold as a pair—there’s no way you can get a single unit. While the athlete punches the mitts, you’ve got to make sure that the boxing gloves don’t slip, but you can rest assured because these mitts are equipped with the cellular material that’s let you have anti-slippage experience.

Shock absorption, handgrip stability, unparalleled speed; you’re going to get everything in this set of focus mitts at this cheapest price range. You can make use of these mitts at any weather condition, and anywhere—whether you’re using them at gym, office, or home, you’re good to go.

Still craving for more? Look at the more Venum focus mitts to fuel your curiosity.

6. Ringside Pro Panther Boxing MMA Punch Mitt (Review)

Ringside Pro Panther Boxing MMA Punch Mitt (Review)

4.5 |


Our Rating

Are you and your partner who’s been training you longing for getting the better leverage out of a pair of MMA focus mitts?

If affirmative, we’re glad to have you here because these PRO panther boxing punch mitts have been designed with athletes like you in mind, offering you never-seen-before aiming control and supreme comfort.

Speaking of the design, this pair follows an ergonomic one and boasts a deeply angled striking surface which allows the boxer to never miss any punch while indulging in a boxing training, and hence increasing overall confidence.

To make sure this set lasts longer, Ringside has attached a supplement wrist pad guard outside—which is about 1 ¾ inch—to offer you prolonged existence with no interruptions in the between at all. Before you wear these, make sure who you’re training—if you’re training a professional athlete, you’re suggested wear hand wraps, or if your trainee is just getting started and you’re sure that you will be getting gentle punches, it’s okay to wear them without hand wraps.

The slippage could be a bane of your existence when trying to withstand the punches from your trainee, luckily, that’s something you won’t be struggling through while practicing MMA boxing. Not just MMA, if you’re into Muay Thai, or other boxing exercises (or if you’re looking forward to staying fit), you’re going definitely going to be in need of these boxing focus mitts.

People say that you cannot use these mitts for taking care of the footwork, but that’s not completely true—we know you can’t get the most out of intense footwork, but when it comes to the basic ones, these mitts are capable of helping you in that area.

Find more about these mitts by reading the reviews of the customers to see what they are saying.

7. RDX Cowhide Leather Muay Thai, MMA Boxing Mitts (Review)

RDX Cowhide Leather Muay Thai, MMA Boxing Mitts (Review)

4.8 |


Our Rating

Would you like to take the longevity of your punch mitts to the next level? If that’s what you are after, these mitts are going to be very effective for your boxing training and will work like a charm. These are equipped with cow-hide leather which will offer extended durability, undoubtedly.

The tri-slab supremo-shock form padding is going to guard the inner parts of your hands, allowing you to leave no stones unturned fighting in an MMA or Muay Thai combat with your trainee.

What also needs to be considered since you’re paying around $60 bucks is that the boxing mitts, you’re about to invest in, offer you the mesh so that you don’t have to be worried about the sweats.

Use these mitts for kickboxing or rely on the same when you’re unleashing your anger through your punching, this handwear will never let you down. Dissipating shock has never been easier, thanks to the Shell Shock gel Equilibrium which makes the job super easy for you.

So, no matter how powerful blows you get to push against, you’re good to go. If you make up your mind towards buying these mitts, you will be achieving great impact, resistance, and a solid grip that will help teach your trainee in an effective way.

8. Fairtex FMV13 Maximized Focus Mitts (Review)

Fairtex FMV13 Maximized Focus Mitts (Review)

4.9 |


Our Rating

Whether you’re longing for a one-of-its-kind pair of focus mitts for MMA boxing or you’re on the lookout for maximized Muay Thai pads, as long as you’re possessing this set of Fairtex FMV13, you will be floating on the cloud nine without any doubt.

Now, you can allow yourself the luxury of hours of training in the MMA or Muay Thai without having to worry about the heating or moisture at all because these mitts house breathable mesh which will help you dispense with the unnecessary sweats around your fingers while you’re busy training your partner.

It is time to give yourself over to the continuous training for hours without stopping or putting burden over your hands or shoulders because these pads are extremely lightweight and will, therefore, be a lifesaver for you, and for the person you’re training. So, no matter whether you’re currently breaking a sweat or you’re preparing someone for a real battle, it is going to be fun, especially for the beginners.

If you want your trainee to aim right in the middle of the focus mitt, there’s no biggie—a small blue-colored circle visualized at the center will be extremely helpful, plus, the tear-drop shape of the mitts will allow the trainee to never miss a punch or kick, and will help gain more precision.

These mitts use 5-layered, odorless material (a top-notch fabric that has also been used in the Fairtex MADDOX) with an outer shell of microfiber which is going to add an extra layer to the longevity of these punch mitts. 

9. Title Boxing Leather Eclipse Micro Boxing Mitts (Review)

Title Boxing Leather Eclipse Micro Boxing Mitts (Review)

5.0 |


Our Rating

We don’t know if you’ve been an avid reader on our blog, but if you’ve been reading our review guides lately, you’d have noticed good things about this brand—Title. Yes, we reviewed some products from this company in our wide-ranging article of best speed bag platforms and one of them gets 4.9 ratings and while another gets 5.0 out of 5.

Now, coming to the point, these Title’s micro punch mitts are not less than any other mitts. These are renowned as “Out of this world” mitts that feature unparalleled material designed to endure ever the most powerful punches and kicks, and that’s why these mitts will last for years.

The surface where your trainee will be punching is around 6”x 7” approximately. No matter how forceful the trainee you’re dealing with, these pads will be able to withstand even the fiercest punches and footwork like a charm.

Like most punch mitts, these ones also have adapted the tear-drop design which will increase the odds of NOT missing the shot while your trainee is aiming at the mitts. They follow a double-stitched construction which also takes the prolonged existence to the next level without you worrying about the durability.

10. Everlast Mantis Punch Mitts (Review)

Everlast Mantis Punch Mitts (Review)

4.4 |


Our Rating

Even though Everlast’s mitts have been listed in the 10th position, this doesn’t mean they’re not effective—4.4 rating out of 5 is not something to joke about.

Designed with the tear-drop concept in mind, these punching mitts are very cheap and, therefore, offer the bang for your bucks undoubtedly. If you’re just starting out and would like to get the hang of boxing mitts, we believe that these are the ones, to begin with. If your wish is to train your trainee exceptionally, and look forward to having absorptive mitts, look no further.

The curved design helps the trainee avoid the misses while delivering the punches. Apart from it is value for money, it’s very sturdy to endure powerful punches and suitable for different boxing techniques, such as MMA, and other martial arts. The good news is that these have ranked at the 6th position on the list of bestsellers in the “Punch Mitts” category on Amazon.

Speaking of the material, it follows a one-hundred percent vinyl construction with a 3-layered foam for extended protection and support for both parties—trainee and trainer. Some people might see this pair as a smaller package, but it is a blessing in disguise because, being small, it would help the boxers to gain more precision, timing, sharpened speed combinations.

The End

We know that freestanding punching bags are a great way to prepare yourself for an MMA combat, but if you're trying to boost your stamina, speed, and coordination, we suggest you have someone train you using these Focus Mitts. Studies show that these Punch Mitts could be beneficial for you if you want to decrease your body weight. People who wish to have six-pack abs by indulging in boxing sessions can also make use of these punching mitts by asking a friend or trainer to use these.

Get One Before It's Too Late!

If you wish to knock out your opponent in the first move, you'd need to practice practice using Heavy Bag Gloves and these Focus Mitts in order to be ready for the real combat. And, since everyone's trying to get these, we'd strongly suggest you make it quick, or else you may run out of this opportunity—who knows, perhaps these Punch Mitts may be out of stock sooner or later?