10 Best Free Standing Punching Bags for Men & Women [2020]


Despite the fact that boxing helps get rid of stress and stimulates endorphin production, it’s a great way to motivate yourself to do something good in your morning routine. But getting relief from constant worry is not the only reason why athletes and boxers like to let their anger out at a freestanding punching bag—there lie other advantages. Maybe you don’t only want to relieve yourself from tension or anxiety, maybe you’re fanatic about boxing combats.

Study shows that punching bag could be a symbolic expression of anger which clearly shows practicing punching on a punching bag is good for your health—to a greater extent. To keep your body going, and to stay alive and kicking all the time, it’s recommended that you keep yourself busy with full-body exercise. But NOT everyone is a big fan of squats, crunches, or burpees; the fact is that it takes a whole lot of your time and time is money.

That’s why you need to stick to an exercise that can both feed the curious of boxing of yours and help you avoid the time consumption in the first place. Therefore, if you find yourself truly obsessed with the boxing challenges, the rule of thumb is that you need to get a free standing punching bag post having a look at the in-depth review on free-standing punching bags below.

Why Free Standing Punching Bags?

Why should you even bring a free standing punching bag when there’re options available for a hanging punching bag?

Well, that’s an intelligent question you’ve asked!

The reason why you should prefer a freestanding punching bag over a hanging punching bag is that you don’t have to depend on any sort of mounting or a beam to let the boxing bag hang on, which, you know, is a must if you decide to get a hanging boxing bag.

But it’s not only about hanging the boxing bag, it’s also about the convenience that you can get out of your freestanding bag. The subsequent reasons are why you should go for a free standing bag, and not a hanging boxing bag.


Swinging Motion

Picture a fiend of yours holding the hanging bag and waiting for you to strike as hard as you could?

Wait… how on earth did your friend get involved in this?

Though there’re advantages of using hanging bags, the problem with them is they may require two persons to let the practice begin because if you strike harder, the bag will swing away from your body and take time to get back to you. And, if you don’t want to let this happen, you’d obviously have a friend or trainer to stop the bag from swinging.

To dispense with the swinging, a freestanding punching bag will give you peace of mind. There’s no denying that it swings away, but it returns very quickly—ready to be struck again by you.


Space Management

We’ve got to admit that when it comes to saving space, a free standing punching bag effortlessly has the upper hand over a hanging one. The benefit of having a freestanding bag is that it doesn’t swing much towards the opposite side of where you hit it. Plus, you don’t have to worry about assembling or bringing it together because everything comes pretty assembled or packed.



In terms of how much these boxing bags weigh, the hanging bags easily win the battle as they are heavier than the free-standing ones. That being said, we can’t deny that truth that a hanging bag is likely to withstand powerful strikes, but that doesn’t mean a freestanding bag doesn’t. Yes, there’s a subtle difference in this comparison for sure.


Easy to Set Up

Setting up a hanging bag could be a bane of your existence as it requires you to do the mounting all by yourself, unless, of course, you’re having a professional trainer to set it up for you. What if you don’t want to have anything—like a beam—to hang your punching bag from?

That’s a bit of a question, isn’t it?

That’s why free standing punching bag is a great option to avoid all stress of setup because you don’t have to hang it from your ceiling, or beam, or on a hook.



Versatility is why you should pay more attention to a freestanding punching bag because they come in different sizes and designs to feed the change you’re craving. Try out the dissimilar size in accordance with your height and body weight and also seek satisfying designs and patterns to complement your apartment or any place where you’re going to place it. In fact, you can invest in this training dummy which will give you a feeling like you’re combating a real-life boxer in the boxing ring.



Since setting up a freestanding punching bag requires fewer efforts in the setup process, it’s no wonder it will help you in the cleaning process, unlike a hanging bag which will require you to detach it from the hook or beam every time you plan on cleaning it using water or wet cloth. To get the idea of how often you should clean it, please refer to the instructions given in the official user manual.

List of Free Standing Punching Bags

Now you know why free standing punching bags a thing for your boxing training sessions. Staying self-contained, energetic, etc., is not a child’s play—you would have to work harder than you could possibly imagine in your mind. And, if your desire to get some fame, then you’d have to set some examples for other tough boxers out there in the boxing arena.

Unquestionably, choosing the best free standing punching bag isn’t an easy task, especially if you’ve stepped into the boxing world for the very first item. This requires having a detailed knowledge of the punching bag—ins and outs of the freestanding boxing bag. On top of it, doing thorough research also requires time which no one has in this fast-paced world.

1. Century Wave Master XXL Training Bag (Review)

Century Wave Master XXL Training Bag

4.8 |


Our Rating

Available in three colors—black, blue, and red, this remarkable training bag a.k.a. free standing punching bag has been designed to last for years. Height sometimes becomes a pain in the neck of the boxers or athletes when looking for a punching bag because they make a blunder by investing in a short boxing bag. Luckily, that’s something you won’t have to suffer as far as this Century Wave’s free standing punching bag is concerned as it is 69 inches taller—a perfect-fit for the taller combatants.

Getting 4.6 out of 5, it completely changes the game—offers ultimate user satisfaction—hands down! Whether you admire punching right in the face of your bag or you’re a fan of kicking, there’s enough room for both.

Just like Ringside’s bag, this one is also covered with vinyl to offer rigidity and durability, plus, it is filled with high-density foam that adds an extra layer of comfort so you don’t have to hurt your feet or wrist when you hit the boxing bag harder.

Fill it with sand or water, the choice is all yours. What’s more, it makes use of a low-profile base gives you the opportunity to get the most out of ultra-stable weight distribution. So, it doesn’t matter really matter how hard you hit or strike it with your firm kick, elbow, or punch, it is going to endure all of it and stand tall like a rock.

Additionally, there’s no tool required to assemble—it gives you a tool-free experience—no hassle at all. It’s to be noticed that this Century’s freestanding punching is very rigid and therefore, children should be aware when punching hardly when it’s filled with sand because, in that scenario, it’s as hard as a rock. That’s it’s a piece of advice to be careful, especially if you’re practicing as a newcomer.

Speaking of the company’s background, Century, which is located in Oklahoma, came into existence in 1976, has been a leading brand in the past few decades. It’s now renowned as one of the largest martial arts’ gear providers in the world. Whether it is headgears for BJJ, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, or boxing gears, you check out their stock for everything and we strongly believe that they will have something for your taste.

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2. Ringside Elite Freestanding Punching Bag (Review)

Ringside Elite Freestanding Punching Bag

4.5 |


Our Rating

Can’t take your mind off of the boxing or kickboxing bag that you used in your first fitness class? The punching bags used in the fitness rooms are breathtaking.

Is there a way to bring a freestanding punching bag home that offers unmatched aerobic fitness workout—all at home?

If that’s what you’re craving for, this awe-inspiring Ringside Elite Freestanding Bag covers pretty much everything you need for never-ending boxing combat. One thing that can be taken for granted is that it’s not designed for the light-hearted boxers—it’s built for the champions—those who are self-contained. That’s why it’s something for the kids to play with. It doesn’t matter how badly you beat it up, it will also be ready to be struck in next to no time.

Being a 6'4" tall boxing bag, even the taller boxers won’t be having problems. The base tank—which is made of good plastic material—can be filled with 270 pounds of water or sands depending upon your personal choice. Offering extended versatility, not only can it be used for boxing purposes, but also it is capable of enduring your MMA strikes like a real bad boy.

It doesn’t really matter how hard you strike this punching bag with your wrenched fist or kick, it will never and ever tumble on the ground or fall over. Space management, if not done systematically, could be devastating, however, you’ve been backed by this bag as it doesn’t take much space while being stored in any place nor does it take when it is swinging.

The bag is encased with long-lasting synthetic leather that is helpful in easing the movement adjustment as you play along with the bag itself. Its non-hanging approach will keep you at ease; it keeps you stress-free about attaching or detaching since you don’t have to hang it from the ceiling or beam to get started.

This freestanding punching bag doesn’t only let your hands and shoulders exercise, but they can help do the full-body workout without having a chip on your shoulder. Strike it with your punch, elbow, knee, or kick, it will swing and come back to you to be hit again.

To learn why it’s a great piece for your boxing sessions, learn more here.

3. Century BOB XL with Base Unit for Sale (Review)

Century BOB XL with Base Unit for Sale

4.9 |


Our Rating

In a boxing ring, who do you think you will be opposing?

Will there be a punching bag waiting for you to give it a hard blow in the boxing ring? Of course, not—what’s going to be there is something you cannot underestimate under any circumstances.

Is there any way to get a life-like boxing experience at home while you’re involved in exercising?

This Century BOB dummy punching bag will have your back! We know that you’ll not be fighting a dummy in the fight arena for sure, but it will give you a sense of what’s real and help you become realistic. What sets this BOB dummy apart from other free standing training bags is that you can target the forehead, mouth, waist (or abs) directly just like you would in real boxing combat.

If the seller of this punching training dummy is not your cup of tea, perhaps you could find another one—BOB Body Opponent Dummy— satisfactory which is available for sale through different sellers, or make your son or daughter feel special by giving Bobby Bully punching bag on his/her birthday. You can also go with different pricing models as per your budget and also see how many days it will take to arrive at your home, where it ships from, and whether or not the shipping is free.

Does it also allow you to adjust the heights based on the tallness of the person doing the boxing training? This could be significant if the dummy is to be used by different people. Luckily, it offers you the option to adjust its height from 60 inches to 78 inches—there are 7 different height tunings.

And, undeniably, you can fill it either with water or sand. When it’s filled with either, the total weight of this free standing punching bag becomes 270 pounds, which is as same as what other boxing bags are offering you.

The good news is that it works like a charm with MMA and other fitness training; it’s not only used for boxing. Furthermore, not men alone can use it—it’s been designed with the women in mind as well. A girl or woman fighter will find it fascinating because the possibilities are infinite here.

This life-sized mannequin is great to visualize where exactly your punches or strikes will be landing on the competitor’s body in the real boxing combat. The best thing is that it’s made in the USA and assembled in Oklahoma which means you’re going to get quality products eventually.

Learn more about why it is the ultimate choice for your boxing training here.

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4. Century Original Wavemaster Free Standing Punching Bag

Century Original Wavemaster Free Standing Punching Bag

4.7 |


Our Rating

Punch it, kick it, or use it for the cardio, it’s going to withstand all of your strikes no matter how hard you hit it.

The adjustable height property is a lifesaver, especially if you want your kiddo to train as well in your absence. Yes, you read that right—not only is it suitable for grown-ups but kids can also train themselves using the Wavemaster. It is fillable with water and sand.

If you’ve been looking for the best free-standing punching bag for women, you don’t have to look any further as this is a real bad boy that brings soft and comfortable touch to life and yet has the power of holding up all of your kicks and punches. What’s even amazing is that it has been listed as “Best Seller” in the “Heavy Punching Bag” category which should be sufficient for you to make up your mind for this training bag.

Despite the reality that it’s made in the USA, it’s capable of holding up to 250 pounds (lbs) of sand or water (based on your preference). No matter whether you kick or punch it from the left side or right side or from the front side, it will bounce back so fast that you’d need to have consistency (by practicing on a regular basis) to master the art of hitting back.

The best thing that amazed us is the height adjustment, which allows you to tweak the height from 47” to 68”. This depicts that if you want to be present at the moment to train your son or daughter, you will not have any problem doing that as it is suitable for both children and adults. So, there’s no more struggling through mid-, low, or high-level kicking of any kind.

The Wavemaster is going to exceed all of your expectations. Don’t sit on this one—add it to your card before it is too late!

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5. Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag 69''–182lb

Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag 69''–182lb

4.3 |


Our Rating

The Dripex’s free-standing bag is a beast of which base and bag are shipped separately due to the larger size for protection of the product during the shipping. Although we don’t recommend that you get this one for your kid, it is going to have all of your boxing and kicking expectations met without any doubt.

It boasts dual-PVC shock absorbers and you can rest assured if you’re concerned about vibrations. Although it features 4 springs that help in diminishing the noises caused during the exercise, if you don’t want to use the springs, you can remove them as per your personal preference.

The material used in this punching bag is of high quality; it uses top-notch leather that will last longer than you could imagine. Despite the fact it requires installation, it’s not rocket science, anyone (with no technical knowledge) should be able to install it. Like the rest of the punching or kicking bags, it doesn’t have the option for height adjustable—but it is ideal for all athletes who are 47 to 73 inches taller.

Is it hard to roll from one place to another when it’s filled with sand or water?

Well, not really. It’s not actually difficult to do that, however, if you find the weight a bit hard, you can either ask someone’s help around you or perhaps you could place a towel or something underneath it before filling it water or sand so you can easily drag it with ease.

To provide you with a rigid and long-lasting bag, Dripex has used a 4-layer protection approach that includes a layer of a stainless steel tube inside, then a layer of fabric buffers, then EPE foam, and the exterior one is 2mm thick PU leather which is going to survive every single punch of yours no matter how hard you hit it.

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6. Power Systems Free Standing Punching Bag (Review)

Power Systems Free Standing Punching Bag

4.9 |


Our Rating

When it comes to withstanding even the fiercest punches and kicks, you can’t underestimate Power Systems’ free standing punching bag because their bags power your potentials and boost your confidence to the fullest. They’ve been helping fitness freaks for more than 30 years and fitness enthusiasts are quite happy (satisfied) with their gym products. You can grab Kettlebells, dumbbells, racks & benches, training ropes, and a lot more from their Amazon store page.

Speaking of the tallness, it is 77” tall. As for the height adjustment, you can fine-tune using three heights depending on the height of the person using it at the moment. So, yes, it is capable of accommodating all types of boxers—people of different ages.

The quality is up to the mark and we can bet that you will fall in love with it at first sight; it brings premium looks and sturdiness to the table. The foam collar is also detachable which gives you the opportunity to adjust the pivoting of the punching bag.

Need a free standing punching bag that is operational in different types of training sessions like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Boxing, and Kicking? Guess what! This is the boxing mag you need for everything—whether you desire to allow yourself the luxury of an MMA combat or knock your opponent out in boxing panel or practice Muay Thia, this Power Systems’ punching bag permits you to do it all like a pro leaving no defenselessness.

Omar—a verified Amazon customer who purchased this punching bag in the United States on June 1, 2020—says that he’s been using it for practicing Muay Thai. At the beginner, he was confused since his mind was flooded with a variety of boxing bags and didn’t know which decision to make. But after reading detailed reviews on the punching bags, he found out that this is the one.

He can be seen practicing Muay Thai in the video the shared on this page. Take a look at that and see if it’s worth your shot or you have a wide-ranging selection as of free standing punching bags as reviewed above.

7. Century Aerobic Wavemaster Black (Review)

Century Aerobic Wavemaster Black (Review)

4.4 |


Our Rating

We’ve astounded by the exceptional quality of Century products. And, Century’s Wavemaster (like the one reviewed above) is a knockout! Build your self-confidence by using it for cardio, boxing, or other workouts. The good news is that you can fine-tune the height of this punching bag in line with your height or the height of your son or daughter (if you’re helping them) so that not only you but your children can also make use of it.

This Aerobic Wavemaster comes in three colors: red and black. Choose any color that compliments the place you place it in. Get never-experienced-before accuracy and speed and unlock the potential that resides in you. It’s a great pick for the low impact and rapid heart-rate exercise and could help you manage the anger and overcome it.

The weight of this punching bag—after being filter with sand or water—becomes 170 lbs (pounds), which we believe is enough to tolerate all of your punches and kicks without fall over no matter which side you hit it from—left or right or from the front. It’s an ideal choice for both Men and Women. Although you can fill water or sand through the inlet, if you want to achieve better stability, we suggest you use sand.

Since it is having low-impact properties, it’s a perfect choice for the light hitters, but if you’re serious about your boxing and hit with loads of power, we strongly advise you to get the original Wavemaster today and get a sigh of relief. As a result, this is a great pick for beginners.

Will this punching bag make noises when hit? It—like the rest of the bags—create a little bit of noise, however, if you’re concerned about your neighbors, they won’t be having any issue. We recommend that you use it on the ground floor, not on the first floor because if you use it on the 1st floor, it may trouble the person sleeping on the bottom floor.

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8. Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag (Review)

Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag (Review)

4.1 |


Our Rating

Timing is everything in the boxing because the moment you leave your opponent a chance, you’re done for.

Is there any punching bag that can help you master the timing in boxing?

We know you’re dying to knock out your challenger in boxing combat, but you need to slow down a bit, boy!

So, how can you reap accuracy and develop timing?

If that’s what you’re after, you’re in luck because this bag offers you a reflex response. The moment you hit it, it tries to hit you back in a fraction of second. In the beginning, you may find using this reflex bag or free standing punching bag quite challenging as the reflex response is up to the mark, as you get the hang of it, you will have mastered the art.

It’s quite similar to the dummy punching bag we went over above because it helps you mimic the movement of the actual challenger who you will be fighting in real boxing combat. In spite of being a reflex bag, it can do wonders for your boxing.

Fill the base with water or sand—it’s your call! If you’re filling it with sand, the base can hold up to 240 sand, and if it’s filled with water, it will only fill up to 125 pounds of water.

Another plus point to be considered is that you can change the height of the bag as per your personal preference—adjustable from 49” to 69”. Moreover, synthetic leather increases the prolonged existence of the punching bag and allows the bag to endure your punches and kicks easily.

It’s perfect for the fitness enthusiasts who have narrow space to fit it in as it saves tons of space when being placed anywhere inside your apartment.

Didn’t find it interesting? Perhaps you’ll love the newest version.

9. Protocol All-In-One Boxing Set with Free Boxing Gloves

Protocol All-In-One Boxing Set with Free Boxing Gloves

4.3 |


Our Rating

Don’t want to purchase a pair of boxing gloves?

Agility training, hand-eye coordination, and heavy-duty boxing experience—everything is packed in this Protocol’s punching bag set that comes with a pair of boxing gloves.

Do you have to pay for the gloves?

No, you don’t—it comes with a pair of boxing gloves which are free of cost.

Available in four options—premium, standard, junior red, and junior yellow—it is an all-in-one pack which is a perfect match for you to help each member of your family stay fit. You can adjust the height of this punching bag from as low as 47 inches to as high as 61 inches which should suffice your requirements.

Indulge in your boxing training sessions like a pro in your basement, room, or garage, it’s perfect to fit in any place you put it. It doesn’t matter how fiercest your punch or kick is, the premium, durable foam ball has the power to endure it all.

The base of this Protocol punching bag can be filled with either water or sand, it is firm, and offers more stability than most reflex bags. If you look forward to burning your belly fat (love handles), look no further—this bag is the most reasonably priced boxing. So, if you’re under budget or can’t afford to pay lots of bucks at this moment, this will be a lifesaver.

Granting that it will require installation, you don’t have to worry about it because it is super easy to set it up. However, if you get stuck in the middle of something, the instructive diagram is there to guide you step by step.

It is even giftable to your loved one—gift it to someone you adore, someone who’s the fan of fitness, or is a fitness enthusiast and make their day.

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10. Figolo Freestanding Punching Bag 67''- 182lb

Figolo Freestanding Punching Bag 67''- 182lb Review

4.6 |


Our Rating

This bag is suitable for all athletes of different ages—whether you’re an adult or a teenager, you’re good to go with this Figolo’s free-standing boxing bag.

If you’re after a long-lasting, premium-looking punching bag, this is the best decision you can take today, but don’t just take our word for it—take a closer look at the cool images that verified buyers have shared on Amazon.

Apart from the fact that inlet allows you to fill it with either sand or water, the installation process is a piece of cake, even for the beginners. It’s been covered with the best quality leather and it also boasts 4-layer firmness that we earlier talked about in Dripex’s bag above. It uses high-quality polyurethane foam and the exterior surface is so soft that your mind will tell you to lay your body on it.

Not on is it fast bound but also it is tear-resistant, meaning the fabric or leather won’t come out in spite of you hitting it with all your strengths. Plus, it has been stitched with the top-notch nylon which will add an extra layer to its longevity. It makes use of a scientific-based design. Furthermore, there are 12 little yet strong cups at the bottom of this punching bag that will allow it to achieve suction; it also helps the bag to be more table irrespective of the smooth floor.

If you’re concerned about moving it, our recommendation is that you should place playing cards underneath each sucker so that the suction can be dissipated easily. Use it in the gum, at your workplace, or at home, it’s capable of being used at any place and under any weather condition; when it’s too hot or cold.

Please refer to the manual to learn about the installation process.

Best Brands for Free Standing Punching Bags

So far we’ve ranked the free standing punching bags based on the features of the product.

How about we take a look at the current standing of the brands that make them?

If you don’t want to go with any free-standing punching bag listed above, perhaps you’d like to shop a different bag but from the same brand or company.

That’s why we decided to give you a sense of companies that dominate the market.

Here’s the list of some great punching bag brands that are worth trying in 2020:

1. Century


Century came into existence in 1976 and it’s been a world leader ever since, providing immense numbers of players with different gears to help them win the combats. Every single item that they sell is made entirely in the United States (US) and what’s even more satisfying is that the brand is owned by the world’s leading martial artists, and therefore, also operated by them—hands down! Go check out Century’s store and see what they’ve got for you.

2. Ringside


Ringside is another renowned brand that has been training and helping athletes get ready for victory for the last 30 years. Fitness enthusiasts get assisted by their one-of-a-kind MMA, BJJ, and other fitness gears, such as gloves, punching bags, dummies, etc. All of the kits made by this brand are reasonable, durable, and used by the most famous athletes or wrestlers. You could browse its bestsellers or go through the list of products listed as “Amazon’s Choice” to make a well-versed decision.

3. Everlast


Everlast or EVERLAST is an American brand that is renowned for its boxing, MMA, BJJ, footwear, martial arts, and other fitness-related accessories. It was founded by Jacob Golomb in 1910, so, apparently, it has been 110 years since the company was established. It’s currently headquartered in Manhattan, USA. The company is having a wide range of wrestling gear in the store. You can buy boxing bags, gloves, kits, punch mitts, and other protective equipment.

Here are the best Everlast’s Free Standing Punching Bags you can try in 2020:

For other boxing bags, please visit the store.

4. Power Systems


Power Systems was formed in 1986 and each product that is produced by this company is a beast. Whether it is Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Punching Bags, or Medicine Balls, you just name it—they’ve got everything to have your fitness requirements met. PS is famous for providing unmatched speed agility through its tools. So, if you’re looking forward to boosting your performance and minimizing the injuries at the same time, you would definitely look up to the punching bags from this brand. Check out its store today and see what you’re most fascinated about.

How to Install a Free Standing Punching Bag?

Insofar the set-up of installation of a free standing punching bag is taken into account, it differs from brand to brand, however, a boxing bag can be broken down into three parts: the main body, the base (usually made of plastic), and the middle part (a rod) that connects them.

You’d need to take care of the installation, especially if you’re demanding an all-in-one boxing set—like a reflex boxing bag—which requires you to set it up from scratch using screws and other components. On the flip side, one—that is not a reflex-type bag—is likely to give you peace of mind in the installation area. 

Water or Sand—which is better and why?

The reason why companies offer you flexibility is that they want you to have serenity because using each choice i.e. water or sand has its own pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages), but don’t worry—we’ll discuss them below so you get your head around it.

If you decide to fill your bag’s base with water, you’re highly likely to find that easy as you don’t have to do much—just fill it with water and you’re good to go. Regrettably, if the base is filled with water, it won’t offer much stability and could move or slide as you punch or kick it harder, causing the punching bag to fall over.

If you, on the other hand, make use of sand, it will bring more steadiness to life and keep the base stable no matter how ferocious your punch or kick is. But using sand to fill the base also has a con; it requires more time to fill the base, plus, you are going to need a funnel to fill the sand due to the precision or accuracy—to avoid overflows.

As a beginner, what should you do?

If you’re a beginner and don’t have any idea about whether to pick water or sand to fill the base of your punching bag, we suggest you go with the water. But before you do that, make sure that you take your free standing punching bag to the place where you will be doing your practice. This way, you don’t have to slide your bag which is filled with water because NOW, it is heavier.

The End

The market is flooded with a huge variety of punching bags and each bag has some pros and cons, which makes it very hard to single out one. That’s why discovering the best free standing punching bag could be frustrating, assuming the fact that you—as a beginner—have no knowledge about it. And, that’s the only reason why we came up with this extensive research so you could make an intelligent decision for your punching bag without regretting the choice in future. These 10 Best Freestanding Punching Bags will offer you everything you’re on the lookout for, but still, if nothing comes to mind, our tops pick (on the top) will be a lifesaver.

Get One Before It's Too Late!

If you wish to put your opponent down for the count in the first move, you'd need to practice on one of these Free Standing Punching Bags so that you could be ready for the real combat. And, since everyone's trying to get these, we'd strongly suggest you make it quick, or else you may run out of this opportunity—who knows, perhaps these rash guards may be out of stock sooner or later?